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Split out RAFT entry metadata


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      We currently track RAFT entries in full, as ReplicatedLogEntry, without any differentiation of information level.

      There are four levels of information stored:

      • index/term, worth 16 bytes, critical to RAFT decisions
      • entry data, which dictates what operations areĀ  to be applied to the managed logical state
      • (estimated) entry size, which has a role during AppendEntries creation and log trimming operations
      • persistencePending flag, which is tracking local persistence progress

      This issue deals with separating the first item into a separate interface, so RAFT decisions can be clearly separated from other concerns.

      A RaftEntryMetadata exposes the RAFT journal index and RAFT term of a particular entry, without any other concerns.

      Use this interface instead of ReplicatedLogEntry to communicate information to code which does care about the other concerns.

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