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Logging al RESTCONF requests and responses



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      There should be an option to log whole RESTCONF traffic - requests and responses - without external dependency.

      Customer-based requirements about the contents of logs (user ID is probably one of the most important fields - native Jetty logger/LoggingFeature from Jersey will not help much):

      • timestamp (human-readable format & unix format - milliseconds)
      • log level
      • logging filter name
      • remote address
      • controller user ID (resolved using AAA)
      • request method
      • request URI
      • request body size
      • response code
      • response payload size
      • duration in milliseconds
      • request/response body
      • http headers
      • query parameters

      Next requirements:

      • option to enable/disable logging at runtime + providing a configuration using cfg file in etc
      • option to configure whether HTTP headers, query parameters, and bodies should be part of output logs
      • option to hide selected headers - Authorization/Cookie
      • option to redirect logs to separate file - logs should be generated from separate classes, so it will be possible to easily configure log4j2 appender
      • simple column-based format (using ' | ' for separation of fields)

      Requests and responses can be logged separately.

      Note: we can inspire by LoggingFeature or LoggingFilter (jersey).


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