Release Notes - netconf - Version 3.0.6 - HTML format


  • [NETCONF-681] - Netconf Callhome SSH: drop connections
  • [NETCONF-881] - Device with augmented NETCONF monitoring response cannot be connected without models inside cache/schema
  • [NETCONF-884] - Maven shade plugin replace netconf-testtol with scale-util inside release artifacts
  • [NETCONF-886] - Typo in content parameter error-message
  • [NETCONF-899] - Northbound NETCONF server connection error


  • [NETCONF-660] - RFC 8040 query fails to return field if subfields specified for another element
  • [NETCONF-888] - Make netconf maximum chunk size value configurable
  • [NETCONF-889] - Improve EOM aggregator performance

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