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SQL injection in the aaa-idm-store-h2 (deleteRole function)


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    • 0.17.0, 0.16.5, 0.15.8
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    • ubuntu22.04, aaa version 0.17.0


      I am writing to report a vulnerability in one of the components of Opendaylight, aaa.

      With this bug, attackers can SQL inject the component's database(SQLite).

      The bug is in /aaa-idm-store-h2/src/main/java/org/opendaylight/aaa/datastore/h2/RoleStore.java (deleteRole function).

      As we can see, the aaa concats roleid information to build a delete SQL query, and it executes the query in SQLite.

      However, in line 181, the roleid(escaped)  is a string. If the user calls the api interface /auth/v1/roles/ to add a malicious role, and then calls the deleteRole function to delete the role, it will cause SQL injection.

      For example, he can call the api interface /auth/v1/roles/ with POST method, it will call the createRole function to add a user. If the role name is:

      ' or 1=1--+

      Then call the api interface /auth/v1/roles/' or 1=1--+@DOMAIN_ID with DELETE method, it will call the deleteRole function to delete the user. And the SQL query is:

      DELETE FROM AAA_ROLES WHERE roleid = '' or 1=1—+'@DOMAIN_ID

      And all the elements in the AAA_ROLES table are removed due to this malicious query.

      Please consider fixing this security vulnerability as soon as possible.


      Best wishes,

      Chunyang Han

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