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Archetype fully working and self-tested


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      CONTROLLER-1799 will fix the Archetype to finally be "self tested" again. That takes care of the 1st "possible future TBDs" of https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/62978/.  Others were:

      • re-activate commented out IT which breaks during build self test
      • odl-X* feature directory names with ${artifactId} instead of X (dunno how to get archetype to create folders named by variables)
      • karaf.localFeature which breaks during build self test
      • some clean-up e.g. remove useless site generation?
      • real test of the produced Karaf distro? Using Pax Exam, but not *IT.

      I meanwhile have itestutils in infrautils which should be used for the Archetype IT, instead of controller:mdsal-it-parent.

      While we're at this (or perhaps more importantly?) we should add an example of a Guice based Component Test to the Archetype as well.

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