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Migrate from akka persistence to a custom solution



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      We need to move to akka typed due to message chunking. During this it would be helpfull
      if we could also migrate away from akka persistence as it does not match our usecase completely.

      RaftActor.persistData() has synchronous callback from akka persistence
      seems like we should be able to get rid of this by transforming the
      callback from persistence into a message, notifying the RaftActor
      that persistence has completed for a given entry.
      We could potentially switch mailbox implementation to
      UnboundedStablePriorityMailbox in RaftActor to give the
      replies faster turn around time after an entry has been persisted
      so commit of an entry is not blocked by other messages.

      There is another bunch of direct calls to handleApplyState().
      On the leader they are triggered from the persistence callback above.
      We should be able to move the execution of these to the new message
      from persistence outlined above, while still keeping the direct call
      in (with CheckConsensusReached or Replicate messages) in the execution
      of the new message from persistence.

      On follower we end up calling handleApplyState() as part of handleAppendEntries()
      (from applyLogToStateMachine()) execution, this should stay as is as we
      want to apply an entry as soon as we can and not introduce a potential delay.

      The only time handleApplyState() is handled asynchronously, is in the PreLeader
      state where its used to check whether all entries from previous term were commited
      and switches behavior to Leader.

      Delete of entries from the journal and snapshot is needed as well.
      Both are needed during snapshotiting for old journal entries or old snapshots.
      ie: DataPersistenceProvider.deleteMessages() is used in RaftActorRecoverySupport
      and SnapshotManager to delete journal after snapshot has been saved.
      DataPersistenceProvider.deleteSnapshots() is used in SnapshotManager to delete
      old snapshots after a snapshot has been saved.

      Apart from the replacement of synchronous callback, it looks like the switch
      should be relatively painless and the majority of time spent needs to
      happen on akka-persistence replacement(atomix.io?) and rewriting to akka typed.



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