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Switch to our fork of atomix-storage


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      CONTROLLER-2069 imports atomix-{storage,utils} source code which has been abandoned by our upstream.

      Switch akka-segmented-journal to use this code instead of pulling in the last version published by atomix.io.

      This entails a number of steps:

      1. add a LICENSE file which makes it clear this code is licensed under Apache License 2.0
      2. plug the current code into build, while ignoring checkstyle/spotbugs (for now) and ensuring the right license is packaged (i.e. override EPL packaging)
      3. eliminate atomix-utils by rehosting the few classes used by atomix-storage into that component
      4. update the segmented-journal pom.xml to use internal atomix-storage
      5. eliminate unused atomix-storage classes, we really want just the segmented journal part
      6. move Kryo shading hack to atomix-storage artifact

      The end result should be that:

      1. classes are still in io.atomix namespace
      2. artifacts are in org.opendaylight.controller namespace
      3. there is no impact on serialization format of akka-segmented-journal

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