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NetconfMessage should work with binding-generated backing


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      There are a number of XSD-derived definitions, which we currently have no mapping for. This forces us to use an intermediate data format (W3C DOM) for things that we somehow have validated.

      Most notably, this includes things like RPC input, but in general anything which could be considered anydata – in which case it should be bound to the generated contract.

      Note this will require a data binding component (i.e. codec), which can turn DOMSources into such BindingObjects,

      This may require us to modify model/rfc6241/src/main/yang/ietf-netconf@2011-06-01.yang to 'include odl-ietf-netconf' and defining a corresponding submodule, which defines rfc6241.xsd concepts as appropriate anydata constructs.

      One problem here is: we also need to change ietf-netconf.yang's yang-version to 1.1, to allows for 'anydata' constructs. Alternatively we could go for anyxml, but we want to avoid as much as possible (due to the semantic differences).

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