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Long delay in connection status update after connection issue for multiple devices


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    • 7.0.0, 5.0.10, 6.0.6
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      This issue is identical to https://jira.opendaylight.org/browse/NETCONF-966, but it is necessary to initiate more than one device.
      With a single device, it works correctly.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start Karaf: 

      feature:install odl-restconf-all odl-netconf-topology

      2. Initialize 2 devices with auto-connect:

      java -jar netconf-testtool-7.0.0-SNAPSHOT-executable.jar --device-count 2 --ssh true --md-sal true --controller-ip --controller-port 8181

      3. Verify the connected state.

      4. Drop the packet from one of the NETCONF devices:

      sudo iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 17831 -j DROP

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