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Refactor NETCONF transport layer


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      As a legacy of pre-callhome and protocol-framework world, we have no separation between network-level roles (i.e. session initiation client/server) and NETCONF-level roles (i.e. NETCONF client/server).

      This leads to quite a bit of duplication between netconf-netty-util, callhome-protocol and netconf-{tcp,ssh}, where we have separate netty dispatchers and client/server handling - even though the only difference is who is initiating the network channel – this is detailed in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8071#section-2 . In the context of  Figure 1 there, our technology stack has further complication, because we rely on Apache SSH to handle SSH protocol details and we only attach to the NETCONF channel – which is subject of NETCONF-571.

      Refactor the four components to cleanly separate the connection initiation from other session establishment concerns (authentication and NETCONF negotiation).

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