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Inconsistency between flows in config, operational, and the OVS bridge


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      It looks like something has changed in the OpenflowPlugin in the Carbon release. I remember in previous projects, when a flow is created you could query it in the config data store. And then when the flow gets installed in an OVS bridge, you could query the same flow in the operational data store.

      I tried doing this with Carbon and Nitrogen and am observing a different behavior. I can see the flows in the config data store just fine. The flows also get installed in the OVS bridge as expected, but several of the flows are not in the operational data store, and those that are there are incomplete.

      Here's an example of what Im talking about for SFC table=4 flows using Carbon, although I see the same behavior with Nitrogen:

      Config Flows in table=4:
      (Notice there are 3 flows)

      Operational flows in table=4:
      (Notice there are 2 flows)

      And here are the flows in the OVS bridge in table=4:
      (Notice there are 3 flows)

      The flows in the OVS bridge match what are in the config data store. There are only 2 flows in the oper data store instead of the expected 3, and one of these has an incomplete match.



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