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Min/max-elements are not enforced for wrapped elements in container


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      Currently, it is possible to create a list/leaf-list with min-elements and max-element violations if those elements are wrapped with a container in the payload.

      For example in this model:

      module test-container-childs {
          namespace "http://example.com/test/container/child";
          prefix "tcc";
          revision 2023-09-28;
          container root-container {
              container nested-container {
                  list mandatory-list {
                      min-elements 1;
                      max-elements 3;
                      key id;
                      leaf id {
                          type uint32;


      It is allowed to create 0 list resources or more than 3, if the list `mandatory-list` is wrapped with "nested-container" in the payload:

          "nested-container": {
              "mandatory-list": []

      The same issue is present for the leaf-list element.


      This issue was already reported before, and resolved:

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