Release Notes - yangtools - Version 8.0.0 - HTML format


  • [YANGTOOLS-1167] - maven-plugin-it does not contribute to SonarCloud
  • [YANGTOOLS-1276] - MandatoryLeafEnforcer fails when faced with augmentations
  • [YANGTOOLS-1313] - Error when module is imported with different prefixes
  • [YANGTOOLS-1321] - Decimal64.valueOf(String) does not handle full length
  • [YANGTOOLS-1346] - IAE in StatementContextBase.childCopyOf()
  • [YANGTOOLS-1370] - NPE in parser reactor with if-feature inference
  • [YANGTOOLS-1381] - Parser reactor does not support chained prerequisites
  • [YANGTOOLS-1385] - Unique statement reference is not validated
  • [YANGTOOLS-1386] - Statement replicas do not trigger onStatementAdded()
  • [YANGTOOLS-1387] - XPath: XPath keyword not accepted as valid XPath expression
  • [YANGTOOLS-1393] - InferenceException thrown when uses/augment is conditional on unsupported feature
  • [YANGTOOLS-1404] - Deviation of augmented node causes NPE



New Feature



  • [YANGTOOLS-1066] - SchemaPath identification of SchemaNodes is costly and useless


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